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Hello :3

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Com'on now you guys,this site is pretty dead, try Fakku or something like that ^_^

Well...I do miss those Cute litt...I mean lolicon girl...Mmm. How I been you ask? Aww thank for asking, just swell, in school currently studying criminal justice :3
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Well, I'm back but my project this time is about Real Pornography. http://www.squirtpussy.net/ The niches is only Squirt and Creamy pussy,check it out :D


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I have not been here in ages...yet,people still come back?  an average of 100 visitor each day even though I have not update at all >__> since It's my senior year, I don't mind starting up the website again, what ya think? <3


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I don't get it, I have not update the site in months and I still get visitor,please leave and visit site like doujinland or fakku, I promises you that this site will never be update,stop getting your hope up and leave, thank you ^_^

(Normal) Limb Legion

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(Incest)Sister Succubus

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(Incest)A small little secret

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